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Cheap Pumps is a sister site to Fountain Mountain, which has been selling Kasco fountains and aerators for over fifteen years. Kasco makes super pond fountains, but we have added our own brand for those many customers who are looking for less expensive models. Out floating fountain pumps range from 1,900-14,000 gallons per hour (that is 32 to 233 gallons per minute). Of course, the flow is restricted by the kind of nozzle you choose to use. (This is true for any floating fountain.)

All of our floating fountain kits come complete with durable float, fountain pump, mooring rope, multiple nozzles, and a filter cage.

We also offer a floating fountain LED light kit at an unusually reasonable price.

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Newly Engineered Fountain

14,000 gph pump. 3 spectacular displays. $549 (without lights). Complete Kit.

Fountain Tech Pumps

Fountain Tech pumps range from 40-14000 gallons per hour, are energy efficient and quite inexpensive. This is our brand manufactured exclusively for us.

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About Fountain Pumps

The “head” of a pump is an important term to know. Head means the vertical lift from the surface of the water to its outlet. If the surface of your water is five feet below the water feature’s outlet, then the pump’s head is five feet.

In most pump manufacturer’s specs, you will find maximum HEAD, along with a Pump Curve. For example, the Fountain Tech 650 has a maximum head of 140”. At zero feet it pumps 780 gallons per hour, at 20” of head it is pumping 680, at 60” it is pumping 580. This “curve” shows how many gallons per hour the pump is pumping at different water lifts.

Make sure the pump you buy will fit dimensionally into your fountain’s basin. Many fountains have cutout areas in which a pump is placed.

Some other pumps list liters per hour instead of GPH. A gallon is 3.8 liters. A Fountain Tech 300 gallon per hour pump is lifting over 1100 liters per hour.

It is best to use the widest diameter tubing you can. For instance, the Fountain Tech 300 pumps about 240 gallons per hour at three feet when using ¾” TUBING, but only 75 gallons per hour at three feet if you use ¼” tubing. Most pumps come with different adapters to fit different sizes of tubing.

When building a waterfall, the general rule of thumb is to have 100 gallons per hour for every inch of width of the fall. So if your waterfall is 5 inches wide and 3 feet tall, you need to be pumping 500 gallons per hour at 3 feet of head, as a general rule.