Frequently Asked Questions

Fountain Pump Maintenance

Many pump owners do not take care of their pumps. At Fountain Mountain, we get a lot of returns of pumps that are in good shape. It’s  just their impellers need to be cleaned. Impellers of all fountain pumps must be cleaned regularly to prevent breakdown! We get a box in and remove the pump and sure enough, the impeller is just stuck.

To remove the impeller (typically these look like little propellers), you will need to remove the pump cover. Smaller pump covers snap off; larger ones have screws you must remove. Inside of the case you will find the pump impeller. Because of the strong magnets, often you will need to remove the impeller carefully with needle-nose pliers. Once removed run faucet water to clean pump impeller, and if real dirty use a small soft brush to clean. After impeller and shaft are cleaned re-insert and put back together!

Finally, pumps will eventually burn up if water is not flowing through them. Do not let pumps run out of water or their inlet screens to get blocked by debris.