About Us

Our Commitment: Cheap Pumps is a subsidiary of Fountain Mountain, Inc., which was first established in 1999. Our home is in Santa Maria on the central coast of California, but we ship to the contiguous 48 states. We try our best to provide true value, all the time realizing that price and quality need to be balanced. We try to think in terms of customers’ needs first. We offer indoor and outdoor pumps, pumps with switches, pumps with long cords (as many customers need long cords).  We also sell our own discount line of Fountain Tech floating pond fountains. We know that some customers are on a tight budget, so we have developed the F-Tech Floating Fountain line, offering pond fountains utilizing 1900-14000 gallon per hour pumps. We also offer pond lights. We focus on energy- efficiency to keep electrical costs down  We incorporate many videos on our site in order to help educate you about pond and fountain products and maintenance. We are more than happy to listen to your questions about pond fountains, floating fountains, pond lights, and fountain and pond pumps, and will provide you the best advice we can. If we don't know and it's in our area, we will try to find out the answer.

We are open 9am-2pm Monday through Friday and 24/7 through our shopping cart.