If you’re looking for fountain pumps, pond fountains, or fountain lights we no longer sell them from this site. We apologize for any inconvenience. Though we still sell all of our fountain pumps, pond fountains (including Kasco fountains and aerators, Scott fountains, and Fountain Tech pond fountains and pond lights), we now sell these items exclusively from our mother site, https://www.fountainmountain.com

Here are links to take you to where you need to go.

For fountain pumps, please go to www.fountainmountain.com/fountain-pond-pumps/

For Kasco display fountains, please go to www.fountainmountain.com/decorative-fountains/

For Kasco aerating fountains, please go to www.fountainmountain.com/aerator-fountains-for-ponds/

For Scott fountains, please go to www.fountainmountain.com/scott-fountains/

For Fountain Tech discount fountains and lights, please go to www.fountainmountain.com/floating-fountains-for-ponds/

Our entire line of fountain pumps still includes 28 different models from 35gph (for tabletop fountains) up to 14000 gph for large fountains.

Kasco fountains and aerators range between ½ and 7 ½ HP models and include 2 and 3-year warranty with American-made, rebuildable pumps.

Scott fountains and aerators range between ½ and 3HP and include 5-year warranties.